Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Online Courses x 2

One of the reasons I opted in the end to take these 2 online courses for my MDM this session wasnt just that it makes some of the timetabling headaches go away - it was also to experience the online learning environment. Though I have done tiny things online before, I havent done anything on this scale before, and definitely not 2 at once. This is an important point, for should degrees become more online in nature students will be doing say 4 courses concurrently this way. How do the courses get their identity going through a common tool, how do students keep the momentum going in each and how is the diversity of the education to be maintained.

By taking part in these 2 courses I will also get an intimate feel for the Omnium platform and potentially the benefits it may hold vs the Blackboard Vista v3 still running at UNSW. So far I have tried to get in there and start, even though it is layed out sanely in both courses it still feels awkward for me, what to read and do when where how etc. Apart from a few tech glitches I am at least under way and one interesting thing is how much more important it is to have clarity online vs the much more forgiving face2face environment.

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