Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Orange Sites and this little Blog

With the colour of this blog firmly entrenched in orange - I thought it might be neat to throw some other orange sites here. Perhaps they will inspire some more work on my part to jazz up the blog interface. I am opposed to the black sites with their white writing (that is like punishment for your eyes) and those sites with no info - just big blank pages with little tiny snippets of useful hidden on them...

I should get back into flash again as well - do something dynamic!

I think orange brings this blog and the sites below a vibrant lively feel and steps well away from many designers apparent fear of colour. It is common for 'designed' things to be relegated to black, white or some shade in between. Though I am typing this up on my lovely all-silver macbookpro with its all white accessories, I have a beautifully bright desktop background to compliment it all.

Anyhow here are a few orangeish sites with things to offer:

The ING site (esp here and here)

[Screengrabs of the site]

Orange Amps (here)

[Screengrab of the site]

The Curtis (here)

[Screengrab of the site]

Mogopop - also includes the green which is nice (here)

[Screengrabs of the site]

Stellio (here)

[Screengrabs of the site]

Hell, why not Wannaburger as well (here)

[Screengrabs of the site]


Thanks also to the TutorialBlog for their orange site listing.

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