Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Those Googlers bring us Google Sites

I have been looking at both Wikis (including WikiSpaces) and Google Pages over the last few days to complement things like blogger.
At first the disappearance of JotSpot after Google bought them seemed like a big hole in the options I was keen to explore. But it actually does exist again - re-badged as part of Google Sites. Jotbot's functionality seems to be in the new team working spaces provided through the enhanced Google Apps (now including Google Sites).

Google's services in this area are expanding at a great rate, now providing a totally viable infrastructure set for not just whimsical little projects, but larger corporate and educational groups. With the interoperability of their apps now a key selling point, we are able to Googlify things that werent possible only 18 months ago.

These are the links to example sites from the Google Sites homepage:

Check out Garett Rogers Google blog on ZDnet for lots more on this and other things Google.

oh and the Google Apps org special...

Implications for CollabStud
What does this mean for the Studio - armed with a full Google Apps/Sites 'place' for the course we should be able to share and communicate inside the Google space. Questions/Needs: domain registration looks likely; what sort of visibility can it have for the outside world, set of Admins (tutors perhaps); Integration with other email and services...

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