Saturday, 1 March 2008

WoWing again with TeamSpeex

Back into group gaming (World of Warcraft) again - great fun. We all rolled up new Shammy Trolls on Khaz'Goroth with names starting with Mojo - should prove fun to develop the concept. I like how Mojopogo is going so far and I noted that the Oceanic server as a more Aussie feel to it already. The character and guild names are pretty silly all round :-)

It is interesting how gaming (esp MMORPGs) has evolved into such an interesting example of collaboration. We not only have characters and classes with specific abilities that make working together far more impressive than any single character - but add to that all manner of chat, email and voice tools on top of the armada of websites and tools...


I am also using TeamSpeex on da mac for the voice with the rest of the gang on their windows boxes. Teamspeak is the standard for such things - esp since the ingame voice client isnt so good for us here in oz.

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