Saturday, 19 April 2008

Libeskind Museum

Things have been very Architectural here lately - given my COFA courses this seems sane. I was looking at Daniel Libeskind's Royal Ontario Museum and thought I would post a few images here. One of the course submissions required us to look at evolution in Architecture from modernism to the newer digital works of today. Daniel Libeskind's works are certainly provocative and emotive of the times.

[b/w image of the ROM from Liberskind's site]

The Royal Ontario Museum Extension - the Crystal opened in mid 2007. The contrasting high-tech clean crystalline juxtaposition makes a cutting edge statement about the role of these new forms, materials and aesthetics.

[images of the ROM from Liberskind's site]

Quite a few of the images on the net for the ROM are during its construction. Interestingly the building seems to look just fine with half assembled bits, cranes and scaffold everywhere. Here is a passage from Daniel Liberskind's writing on the project:
The program of the Royal Ontario Museum provides a wonderful opportunity for dramatic new architecture and the creation of a great public attraction. The centrality of the site intensifies the profound relationship between history and the new, between tradition and innovation. The historical buildings, complemented by forward-looking and bold architecture, form an ensemble which regenerates the urban significance of the Museum, solves the complex functional issues, and dramatically improves exhibitions, facilities, programming and amenities. The Crystal, a structure of organically interlocking prismatic forms, asserts the primacy of participatory space and public choreography. Its image, function and structure turn this important corner of Toronto into a luminous beacon, a veritable showcase of people, events and objects, transforming the entire museum complex into a world-class destination.
Royal Ontario Museum on e-architect
Project on
DeZeen images during construction
Torontoist look inside

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