Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Serious Play Conf

The Serious Play Conference coming up at California's Art Centre College of Design looks like a fascinating ride (pity I will be oh so far away). On the sites about page we can get an instant feel for the breadth of presentations
The biennial Art Center Design Conference is a three-day international gathering of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and innovators from many fields and disciplines. The 2008 Conference, Serious Play, will explore the essential role of play in business, the arts, science, storytelling, technology, and more.
Ignoring all the nifty names of those presenting, just a list of the job descriptors highlights the type of event this will be - full of thinking outside the square and deeply into design and the richness of enjoyment:
Sleight-of-hand Artist
User Experience Designer, Google
LAPD homicide detective, author
Interior and Landscape Designer Founder
National Institute for Play
IDEO President and CEO
Puppet Master
Visionary Architect
Director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Origami Virtuoso
Author, The Way Things Work
President-elect, Rhode Island School of Design
Visionary Kinetic Artist
Athlete and Artist
Correspondent, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Creator, Second Life
Artist and Pentagram partner
Nobel Prize-winning cosmologist
Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Art Center College of Design

Reading some of the brief descriptions of the speakers, I look forward to somehow finding out what went on. If only it were like the mighty Ted Talks where we can all just down load them...

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