Sunday, 6 April 2008

Toronto in HL2

I was busily creating a submission for my Visualising the Past course (I will post that up later) and came across another nifty looking HL2 mod (in the vain of Kasperg's Falling Water model).
This time we have a team of five George Brown thesis students - who have created a mod for HL2 that features a suite of Toronto tran station locations and above ground areas. I cant get to their website, but if the screenshots posted on the torontoist blog are anything to go by - it looks great.

The HL2 engine out of the box, does this sort of grungy look oh so well. I will of course have to try and get this baby - try it out ingame. In the meantime check these shots:

[Screenshots of the City7: Toronto Conflict HL2 mod from the Torontoist site]

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