Monday, 7 April 2008

Unreal 3 Cowboys

The upcoming new stadium for the Dallas Cowboys has been 'rendered up' in the Unreal 3 engine by the Archtectural firm HKS. This story has been around since the end of 2007, but I hadnt covered it here. The use of a bleeding edge real-time game engine to produce Architectural visualisation seems obvious to me, yet these things are still special.
The report on BusinessWeek by Matt Vella shows off some stills from the map, which look very detailed, though perhaps a little plastic. The coverage details how the real-time model allowed them to not only check the model from a users perspective easily and intuitively, but also sell the design and corporate boxes based on what the clients could experience this way.

HKS havent stopped there though, with their ARCHengine software they are building tools that fast-track and empower this type of visualisation. The portfolio section of the site shows a set of video screen grabs from their models and the links page has some nice resources that could come in handy.

[image of the Dallas Cowboys stadium Unreal3 model from the BusinessWeek site]

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