Thursday, 10 April 2008

Verdier Van

The Westfalia Verdier is an almost off the Groovy Chart camper van. It combines the latest tech of solar panels, hybrid engines and gps gadgetry with a heart of hippy greenness. I love how the van unfolds from inside to outside with a real geeky feel, yet it so completely maintains the free-wheeling romantic feel of the holiday trip to quieter and simpler places.
The images below show off the van, but the nice vid (youtube version below) animates the transformer like van in all its glory. (note that this is all very VW looking because Westfalia are the camper van dudes for VW - I think that is how it works anyhow)

[images of the Verdier from the official site]

[youtube vid capture of the video on the official Verdier site]

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