Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Word or Tag Clouds

The idea of Word Clouds or Tag Clouds is a fascinating one, bringing forth lots of ideas around representation of data and making greater use of visual coding than just text. There are some nice word clouds out there including software to compare texts and create other views.


The State of the Union Addresses site on onetwothree.net allows us to see the evolution of words through the various speeches using word cloud visuals.

[Part of the wordcloud comparison site for the US AoU Addresses]

There is a another version of this here on chir.ag as well.
Indeed the debates with the presidential hopefuls can get similar treatment.


There are plenty of sites out there that use tag clouds in various ways. They are an interesting window into how sites and services are used. The Flickr tag cloud for their massive image repository is here (lots of wedding, family, party etc etc). Del.icio.us have their own version.

There are Tag or Word Cloud generators out there for us all to use which is great now. Places like: TagCrowd, MakeCloud and SnapShirts. So a quick test later and I got the results below which tag the front page of this site (not sure how to get things to go back in time as well yet).

[Tag Cloud from Snapshirts just click on Custom on their site]

[Tag Cloud from TagCrowd - well an image of the HTML it creates]

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