Thursday, 3 April 2008

Zaha's stunning Performing Arts Centre

Zaha Hadid is definitively one of the more spectacular designers of current times, she has amassed an array of large projects and a simply dizzying portfolio of competition entries and things which are just as influential to the trends in Architecture as her built work.

[CG image of the Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Centre designed by Zaha Hadid from the Inhabitat site]

Without diving into a look at all her work I just wanted to take a peek at her design for the Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Centre. This is another signature piece which is still the trend for this type of building (going back a long long way). This truly contemporary design packs a great deal of techno-punch while folding in all the environmental messages that make up 'today' Architectural vanguard. She is quoted as describing the design as:
... a sculptural form that emerges from a linear intersection of pedestrian paths within the cultural district, gradually developing into a growing organism that sprouts a network of successive branches.
I think these sparkling CG images reveal the styling for us, assuming they can get the halls functioning well in terms of lighting, acoustics and such then this should be a stunning building.

[CG images of the Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Centre designed by Zaha Hadid from YankoDesign and Inhabitat]

Yanko Design article on the scheme
Inhabitat coverage of the piece

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