Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Check out the City

Walking my way down through the city, back on May 4th (destined for Customs House - more on that soon) I went past a few interesting architectural sites. These arent necessarily examples of the worlds leading design ideas for what our cities should be, but they are the standouts/interesting in their environment for a range of reasons. This is coming from the perspective of modern works as opposed to some of the historical pieces.

First up was the Emporio Armani store at Martin Place (see previous post). Note the images below are shrunkified - I have higher res if useful for anyone.

Next the almost finished redevelopment at 115 Pitt St. The entry area below features an interesting blobbilicious high-tech column

[115 Pitt Street looking pretty finished, Sydney May 4th 2008]

Onto Aurora Place, here we can see the towers and the courtyard with the glistening glass, thin metallic framing and refined stonework.

[Aurora Place with buildings and covered space, Sydney May 4th 2008]

And here are a couple more shots of buildings along the way

[various city shots, Sydney May 4th 2008]


Next stop the Custom's House spaces and exhibitions.

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