Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Cities in the Desert

Through both my COFA courses now these 2 new cities in the middle east have been interesting examples. On one hand for their futuristic vision of things and their integration of the vanguard of architectural thinking. The other because of their planning structure - which to me was very much like that of the ancient Roman planned cities.

First up a few images of the city of Timgad showings its planning logic (constrained by a wall as it is):

[images of the Timgad city site via my COFA0913 course]

OMA's Raz Al Khaimah (RAK)
This is the planned city with the giant sphere gateway and the regimented city plannning, for more info see DeZeen's article by Marcus Fairs:

[Images of RAK from the DeZeen site]

Norman Foster's Masdar City
Here we get another planned city featuring a host of environmental initiatives like no cars and that big square in the desert again. It seems the design planning was even based around the ancient walled cities. Dezeen have a good article on this initiative as well, also by Marcus Friars:

[Images of Masdar from the DeZeen site]


One interesting thing to see here is the style and approach taken for 3D visualisations of cities. What detail is shown, what is important, how unified or disjointed should it appear and more...

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