Thursday, 8 May 2008

DAZ bundle

I have to admit that I have only had brief journeys into DAZ's software, but they do have a neato bundle for a bunch of their packages (Carrara, Hexagon, Bryce, Mimic) at the moment. DAZ studio is free as well and now and again they have specials or free downloads for the content like their characters.

One of the interesting things about their software is that none of it leads its sector, the likes of Poser, Vue, Modo, 3ds max and co are the key applications. What DAZ really need is a package that grabs a market even if it is in the field the application is used. If one of their tools could capture the imagination of users for some specific purpose then the rest of their tools would be elevated.
What could such a niche be - maybe working with things like SL, machinima, modding, concept work - they need something more than the content...

[promo image from the DAZ site]

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