Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Dell XPS and Alienware

When Dell grabbed gaming hardware creators, Alienware, there was always going to be some sort of change with the respective lineups. The two companies were direct competitors on the gaming hardware front, particularly at the higher end.
We have a bunch of XPS1730 laptops here in FBE and are expanding that number to be a larger 'laptop lab' and many of the staff are armed with the XPS1330s as well. Our new labs are full of XPS420 desktops and we are looking at a few XPS730s to give us even more grunt at the testing/research end of things.

Alienware hadnt ever offered us the same support and cost benefits that Dell were delivering, but things could be set to change. With reports (gizmodo) that we might lose the suped up models to accommodate Alienware - who knows where we will end up. I have liked the XPS range of hardware from Dell for ages now, it seems better built, specced and stylish that all their other kit.

With Dell beasts like this XPS730 running Crysis like a dream and Alienware's XPS1730 competitor, the Area 51 m17x - things are sure interesting.

[some imagery of the various hardware joys from the gizmodo site]


ps. it is funny when I put these 2 pics next to each other, it looks like Alienware have made a simply gigantic notebook computer!!

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