Monday, 12 May 2008

Fictional Future Cities

One thing I was looking at as part of CAinDA was a variety of notions around the future of Architecture and Cities. Sci-Fi films often need to portray these future environments and in so doing bring prediction, desire and intent into the mix.

I was using examples like the Minority Report and the Star Wars films. In researching the idea I was surprised how few examples there were from architects and city planners, but there are many many in film, tv and fiction. The BLDGBLOG (more on this soon) has a great article by Geoff Manaugh "Science Fiction and the City : Film Fest Update!" which explores cinema's thinking on the future. The ideas brought forward by the concept artists are really engaging and evocative of some of the subconscious & intentional aspirations & fears of our culture and its society.

Some images from the BLDGBLOG article showing the vision that concept artists bring to architecture:

[concept images of future cities from BLDGBLOG]

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