Thursday, 1 May 2008

Future Cities Lab

Time to look at the vanguard of modern digital architecture again - The Future Cities Lab seems to bring a great deal of theoretical experimentation to their work. Take their design for the Hong Kong Design Institute, where they created a design (I dont think it is the one that will be built though) that is intriguing in many ways.

There is a definitive trend in architecture towards the web/rib styling that we see in things like the birds nest, water cube and a plethora of others. This design takes this a step further again, it looks like of those leaves that the you see where insects/caterpillars have eaten away everything but the beautiful fine lines of the leaf veins.

Indeed, the digital renderings we see (some of which are below) only partially convey any of the spatial character in any real sense. There is quite an emphasis on the communication of form alone - it would certainly have contrasted with the surrounding high-rise lines. They may just be a theoretical bunch of course...

[images of the Future Cities Lab design for the HKDI from their site]

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