Sunday, 18 May 2008

Ghost Rider

Got the Ghost Rider DVD for this rendition of another Marvel comics icon. I hadnt ever read any comics, so I cant really comment on the adaptation specifically, though it is good to see some of the imagery come to life. There are some good actors (Sam Elliot and Cage) and good material to work with, but the end result is rather flat and doesnt come together as I would have hoped.

[wallpaper from Ghost Rider]

Being a comic adaptation, the creators have a wealth of concept art already done, but that doesnt stop them - here are 3 more thanks to superherohype:

[concept art for Ghost Rider from the SuperheroHype site]

We do get plenty of special effects work, death, transformations and lotsa fire. The experience is full of good trailer moments and stuff to chat about with friends, but doesnt qualify for the top flight. Speaking of trailers here ya go:

Hell lets finish with this stunning piece (Not sure whose this is, but it is floating around the net a fair bit):

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