Saturday, 17 May 2008

Happy Feet

Saw this classy little animated film with a big heart today for the first time - yes bit slow off the mark I am. Happy Feet has some great Australian connections, from the production team and voice talent to Will Burdis who was our teacher for 3D Foundation last year.

I liked the film, though it didnt inspire completely. It was trying to be cute, but not funny with the message running through it as well. The CG is really beautiful, with the water and ice glistening as the backdrop for the entire piece.

[Happy Feet imagery from their Facebook entry]

Happy Feet is on Myspace, which is interesting - having them build presences in more places than just the web. It reminds me of the changes that are going on in Facebook actually - where non-humans are being ousted.

The CG is very special - just have a look at the scenery on display in the trailer alone. The animation is engaging as well, capturing and expanding upon the penguiness of the characters.

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