Sunday, 18 May 2008

ImagineFX June08 and the Reilly Method

I always look forward to my subscription copy of ImagineFX and the striking comic cover by Jamie McKelvie gets things going for issue 31. The roundup of artists' work at the front of the mag shows the emphasis on 2D photoshop work, 3D is certainly at the fringe only.

This issue concentrates on Comics and has some great tips, workshops and such. One (that isnt just for comics) is the first part of a workshop by Ron Lemen on figure drawing using the Reilly Method. The DVD has 3 vids of him actually creating the sketch drawings as well - always inspiring to see artists doing their thing.

[Sketches by Ron Lemen from the ImagineFX DVD]

I whipped out the sketchbook and tried my hand at the technique - well from what I can see. It actually generates pretty good forms, though I am sure there is more to it that these brief images convey. The method seemed to push my drawings to be chunkier than I would usually create - good fun. Below are some of the sketches I did today using the method - just quick digicam pics of the pages thrown together. Lots to learn...

[my sketches using the reilly method]


Ron Lemen's work can be found at the Studio 2nd Street site - plus there are some youtube vids, from snippet ones like this to full demonstration ones like:

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