Saturday, 10 May 2008

Iron Man and ImagineFX

Watched Iron Man again, the effects work is just spectacular, ILM obviously learnt a fair bit from Transformers. It really looks like the suit would work and wouldnt we just love to have one. The technology interfaces are stunning (I will check out some other links to augmented reality in the next few days).

Here is a short youtube vid showing part of the suit going on - this should be for those who have seen it already and just love to see it again and again:

Oh and for those (like me) who didnt realise we should have hung back until after the credits here is the lead-in for the future (I love the audience reaction):


My most recent ImagineFX mag came with a loose comic-sized booklet with plenty of Iron Man sketches leading to the movie look plus a range of othe comic realisations - I love my subscription.

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