Saturday, 3 May 2008


Wow, simply superb. I have been looking forward to this film ever since the first snippets starting coming out of Dark Blade and co. There is class everywhere in the John Favreau film from ILM's CG to the awesome cast. The casting is really a feature actually, Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Terrence Howard are awesome, the surprise was Geoff Bridges who adds a whole heap more.

[concept poster art from the Iron Man film]

The close up fitting and mechanical dynamics of the suits and all their pieces is remarkable to watch. It looks like it could actually work! I liked the computing, 3D interfaces and robotics everywhere - the AIs had character which was neat.
I dont want to fanboy myself to death here - so lets take a look at some of the imagery and vids.

[concept to reality images from Iron Man from the advancediron and filmschoolrejects sites]

[filmshots from Iron Man of his workshop and the techie goodies from comicnerd]

[action shots from Iron Man thanks to the filmschoolrejects site]

As I write this Youtube is down, so you can see plenty of IGN Iron Man videos section, but for some reason the embedding is doing strange things - cant get the right vids - weird.

So lets let TrailerAddict have the fun (check both of these - great trailers and nicely presented in their flash player):

Official Site
Marvel Section
IMDB Coverage
Rotten Tomatoes review

One last note, there are a few moments that are a bit freaky for the kids, I think people should think before the younger (pre 10s) go see this one. It may be a super hero film, but it isnt for the kiddies. There were lots of younger kids brought by their parents when I went - wht can you do...


Also saw trailers for Indiana Jones IV, Speed Racer both with more ILM effects which look great. Plus Hancock with Will Smith that I hadnt heard about, but looks GREAT.

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