Monday, 12 May 2008

Kynogon's game AI goes to Autodesk

Big companies acquisitions are a mark of their ability to stay ahead of the game and Autodesk is no exception. They have announced their acquisition of Kynogon which will enhance their capability in the gaming area further.
I hadnt heard of Kynogon until the takeover, but they seem to have a set of tools and applications for games development. Their Kynapse AI software for gaming has some real potential for simulations and building living 3D architectural and planning models.

This video shows off how the software runs inside the Unreal Editor to generate AI meshes.

This video shows how the dynamic pathfinding works for a single character

And this one shows us a thumping big crowd of 10,000

It will be fun to see Autodesk integrate this sort of functionality with their other software. Speaking of which - will we see them deliver tools that integrate with the big game engines rather than hanging back with supporting tools...

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DestructivePhilosopher said...

WOW this is awsome!! Can you please tell me where you found the sources for this thing?