Thursday, 15 May 2008

MDM third session

Enrolled today for the 5th and 6th courses in my Masters of Digital Media (MDM) at COFA. I have been really enjoying the ride so far - though it is a long haul going part time. There were a series of interesting electives that tempted me like Making Digital Holograms but I settled on these two:

SOMA9001 Sound Construction 1
This course covers aspects of audio production relating to the production of soundtracks for film and video. Students are introduced to various conceptual, stylistic, aesthetic and philosophical approaches to the use of sound within screen-based media, with attention also being paid to the relationship of sound to other art practices. A screening and listening lecture program examines various sound/music pieces, installations and soundtracks
COFA0919 Digital Illustration for Concept Art
Concept Art bridges the gap between 'idea' and 'reality'. It allows raw ideas to be developed and visually communicated so that they can be realised through a production process.
Have you ever wanted to flesh out your own ideas into a visual form and make them more appealing and communicative? Have you ever wanted to explore digital tools to illustrate something from your imagination?
This fully online course will enhance your knowledge and techniques used in creating digital illustration for concept art by studying and practicing idea generation and the experimentation process. You will learn a series of theoretical and practical approaches such as sketching, designing unique forms and creating presentations that will help you communicate your ideas through visual languages, from basic quick sketches to finished artworks.
You will consolidate your skills by developing different digital techniques including digital colouring, painting and collage. Students will then have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and imagination. Within the online group forum, you will conceptualise, analyse and formally propose a series of concept art pieces for your own fantasy world.
Through experimentation and exploration with different digital tools, along with critical discussions with your peers, you will discover new possibilities, broaden your skills and enhance your creativity.
You are expected have basic knowledge in, and access to, graphic software such as Photoshop/Painter/Gimp. You will also require access to a scanner. Access to a graphic tablet is an advantage. Basic drawing knowledge and active participation are required to realise the full potential of this course.

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