Thursday, 15 May 2008

Mirrors Edge

Those dudes from DICE (via EA) who bring us all things Battlefield have another first-person game in the works. Mirror's Edge looks a bit like the Matrix meets Tony Hawk. Our heroine leaps around the upper reaches of the city a bit like DareDevil or Spidey - but witch a touch of realism thrown in. The environment looks very impressive and a critical character in the game itself, much like Tomb Raider. The clean interface feel and close-and-personal gameplay should prove interesting. I hope the city ends up feeling busy like a city is, not cold and unoccupied. Watching the vids could make you feel a bit out of breath as well actually...

Here are a few vids from Gametrailers:

It is good to see urban landscapes like this becoming such critical aspects of gaming - this then leads to repurposing for other things like urban design and visualisation.

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