Sunday, 25 May 2008

More Iron Man and CG

CGSociety have a great article by Renee Dunlop which explores the production and CG of the film. There are some great images which show off just how CG reliant the movie is - and how beautifully ILM pulled off the whole thing.

[image of Iron Man from the CGSociety article]

The involvement of the ILM crew looks to have been better integrated than in many productions which may have been why they were able to do things like"
Marvel wanted the torso elongated, and the waist shrunk down, unlike true human proportions. “We had to make something that looked photoreal and be able to intercut with the live action suit, sometimes within the same shot, have part of the suit be real and another part be CG while making it look clean with nice motion and shape of the character.

There was also the issue that Downey found the practical suit restrictive to his acting, as explained by Hickel. “Winston’s guys made these beautiful suits that were faithful to the Iron Man design, but they were hard to move in. We told Robert Downey Jr. if he couldn’t get into the pose or move the way he wanted to, we could add the suit digitally. When he saw that, he didn’t want to wear the practical suit at all, to the point where there were times when we almost wanted to bribe him to put the practical suit on.
The more I read about the film, the more inspiring it becomes, we know that there is lotsa awesome CG, but to appreciate all its glory it is great to have it broken down for us.

Since I have been looking at SIGGRAPH, I like this quote best from Doug Smythe
“That required a lot of words you find in Siggraph journals. We are fully buzz word compliant with all of our technologies.”

Also it seems that getting a view on youtube of Nick Fury at the end of the film isnt possible anymore - so lets let gametrailers do it for us:

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