Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Apple Thinking

With news from WWDC and other places I can see our new Apple store will open on June 19th and the mighty new iPhone 3G will burst onto the scene here on July 11th. So far only Optus and Vodaphone have announced they will deliver the new iPhone here in Oz - but it is possible that Telstra is still in the hunt, but I am not sure about 3.

[iPhone 3G from Apple site]

Steve Jobs Keynote (on the Apple site) showed off a host of companies who had been using the iPhone SDK - all presented without a tie in sight. Some of the neatest ones were from Sega Monkeyball is sooo clever), Loopt, Netter's Anatomy and MIMvista then Krull (awesome for a single guy in 2 weeks - ported)
MobileME looks like a super replacement for .Mac - though it costs $99 per year, it does deliver some nice storage and push email/calendar etc and a sweet web interface to boot.

Apple are now starting to talk about Snow Leopard (next release of OS X due next year sometime). I am sure we will see a host of features and enhancements, but so far they are concentrating on things like speed, cores and APIs etc.

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