Sunday, 1 June 2008

Big Blue Bear

I happened to catch a short doc (on ABC2) covering the creation of the Big Blue Bear at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. Artist Lawrence Argent created "I See What You Mean" using digital models from which he kept the polygons visible in the finished piece. I like the quote below which is about a whole approach to art which is refreshing:
"We've forgotten how to play," says artist Lawrence Argent, describing how the nature of both creating and perceiving of art needs to be a little less serious and infused with a little more naïveté. After all, Lawrence points out, it is through play that he came up with the big blue bear. [from ABC2 site]
The Denver Govt site also has a short video showing the construction.

[Image of the Big Blue Bear from the Denver Govt site]

Sarah Black's article on the Composites Technology site expands on the technical process which saw the original toy 3D scanned before reposing in Lightwave then off to 3D printing of the moulds.

[Image of the Big Blue Bear from the Denver Govt site]

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