Sunday, 15 June 2008

Cayton Crain Comic Art

When recently looking at Ghost Rider after seeing the Movie on DVD I was intrigued by this image:

[Ghost Rider image by Clayton Crain]

Well it turns out it is one of many by Clayton Crain. Clayton has been around in comics for quite a few years now and did stints on titles like Spawn, the Darkness, Ghost Rider, Venom and amongst others is now taking his work to X-Force. The set of titles do match his gritty sketchy style - really great stuff. There is a little article on his work in the ImagineFX Comiczine and here are a few more inspirational pieces from the Marvel site, there are some sketchier ones on his site:

[Images of Clayton Crains work from the Marvel site]

To finish a timelapse of Clayton creating a Ghost Rider image - It still amazes me how fast and fluid these guys are:

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