Sunday, 8 June 2008


Watched some DVDs with critical levels of CG integration on a spectrum over the last day or so - here they are in order...
Stardust: very fun little film that I am happy to have on DVD now with some effects sequences that are fun to see. I like the witch powers and such - plus its a fun story.
Unbreakable: This was actually on TV, I had forgotten how wonderful this film is. The sequence with Mr Glass chasing the man at the stadium - truly inspired. As is the weights sequence and the final revelation - whats not to love about this movie. (not sure if there is much CG in here - but it is just so ekelent - have to mention it).
Transformers: Got this on DVD finally, and how stunning is ILM's effects work here. It is all so explosive, with every frame a visual feast. WOW.
Evan Almighty: Ignoring the preachiness, there are lots of cute effects pieces, esp with all the animals, CG and real all over the place.

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