Sunday, 29 June 2008

Liam Kemp's CG wizardry

Liam Kemp brings technical prowess and excruciating detail to the creation of digital people. His digital women have been prominent in things like Maxim's Cyberbabe feature and articles in 3DWorld mag and sites like 3DTotal etc. He is now working on The Normals, which brings in a level of detail that is quite extraordinary. It is now so hard to tell what it is that makes us not see it as completely real - I cant put my finger on it anymore, everything is there but it still falls short somehow for humans. His male characters in The Normals are a touch characatured, but their components are wonderful.

There is a new CGSociety article by Paul Hellard which looks at the evolution of Liam's work through to the technical and artistic efforts on This Wonderful Life and The Normals. We get a glimpse of the tools (3ds max) and techniques, but he keeps things to himself for the most part.

This Wonderful Life
Here is where he really got going a remarkable piece of animation finished way back in Jan 2003. Here are a few images from the piece (amazing that it is one persons work) and then the youtube version of a chunk of it - for the fill thing go to cgchannel - it is an emotional ride.

[stills from This Wonderful Life from Liam Kemp's site]

PhotoShoot and the Cyberbabe
Following on he created a series of 'photo shoot' style imagery that was obviously enough to get him a call from Maxim to create a vision of their reader's poll for the perfect woman. Note the 'peach fuzz' on the body - really helps take away some of the plasticiness.

[photoshoot images from Liam Kemp's site]

[Maxim's Cyberbabe images from Liam Kemp's site]

The Normals
This is where it is all at for Liam at the moment and his test images and animations are awesome:

[render tests for The Normals from Liam Kemp's site]

What is not to love about this work - ASTONISHING - there will definitely come a point very soon where the cg work on a common scale is indistinguishable from reality. Then as the technology and artistry with the tools of the trade become more accessible - CG will become a visual norm fully integrated with our experience of reality...

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