Wednesday, 18 June 2008

New RoboCup Bots (and Big Dog)

The RoboCup is changing this year from the long standing Sony Aibo doggies to the new Aldebaran NAO biped robots. We have marvelled at the RoboCup for years now, and UNSW's mighty Computer Science and Engineering students have always done us proud. There are plenty of vids on youtube of nice bits over the years like this one:

The UNSW guys were the first to create the crawling (rather than walking) Aibos, so it will be interesting to see what comes up in the biped version which kicks off this year. The UNSW guys have started to play with their new bots:

I will have to look more closely at both the older Aibo, and the new-comer. With CSE doing other interesting things with MindStorms (vid) they will be good partners. I would love to get into programming like this, great problem solving and lateral thinking.


Robotics is just plain cool, to inspire further investigation check out these 2 vids of the all-terrain 4-legged Boston Dynamics Big Dog:

(to me they look kinda creepy, like two people with their heads welded together - esp the first vid. Those Boston Dynamics guys have a few more tricks up their sleeves as well.

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