Thursday, 19 June 2008

SPORE - Creature Creator

With SPORE crawling closer by the minute, we can now play with a version of the Creature Editor that will be a part of the full deal. Just download the Win or OSX version and off you go - creating all manner of weird and wonderous creatures, the interface is just gorgeous a real creative triumph. The malleable nature of the creatures (even with this limited set of options on the free version) brings butterflies to the stomach - it is that great.

[image of spore creatures from the SPORE site]

I was concerned that the pallet of parts and looks and styles might feel restrictive after a very short time, but so far I am pleasantly surprised. The creatures flow through the tool and are just so cute - it feels a bit like a pokemon creator - I think the girls (as well as us creative types) will just fall in love with this part of the game - I already have :-)

It is a real treat to have a game with such broad appeal bringing design and creativity to the forefront of gameplay. I only wish there was some more direct multiplayerness to the game - I think it would be just so cool to meet friends creations somehow.

[my first creature snapped from inside the app]

Here is my first creature (well I did play with a slug thing first - but the animation was a bit odd - have to come back to that). During creation you are dealing with creature complexity, cost, functionality and aesthetics which is great. Apart from image captures like this, you can create animated (gif) avatars and little movie clips.

Here are the three main screens in the creator, the editor, painter and tester:

[screengrabs of Gub's creation]

Here is my second one - this is just too fun:

[more spore fun]

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