Thursday, 12 June 2008

UNSW on iTunesU and Youtube

It is great to have mighty UNSW on both Youtube as a full channel (or two) and brand new on iTunesU. These are great steps forward for the uni in a host of media areas and we will have to step up and get more things captured into the services.
I am keen to get into the video side more - find a way to wield video as second nature for us.

UNSW Youtube also the Community Channel and the eLearning Channel
UNSW on iTunesU

Make sure you check out some of Richard Buckland's CSE lectures, super stuff. I hope to replicate the capture and edit on the fly video work particularly for guest lectures here in FBE for session 2.

[quick screengrabs of UNSW on youtube and UNSW on iTunesU]

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