Thursday, 24 July 2008

Crysis Creation Mod and Alienware firepower.

One thing I am hoping to find some serious time for in the next few months is Crysis Modding. I am even thinking of going insane and getting an Alienware laptop as part of that endeavour.
Anyhow, have a look at these images from the mod called The Creation:

[images of The Creation mod for Crysis from the moddb site]


Speaking of Alienware, I have them coming out in a week or so and hearing that Swinbourne Uni has labs with over 100 Alienware beasts humming away is quite inspiring. I am looking at things like the Alienware Area51 M15x laptop and indeed some of the desktops for research here at FBE. The laptop can sport an 8800M GT which for a laptop is inspired and even outdoes the SLI 8700s in the XPS1730's we have already and all inside a 15.4" form factor.

The images below are from a look at them via LaptopPicker:

[awesome Alienware Area51 M15x (and the 17" version) imagery from the laptoppicker site]

Review on PC Authority and Atomic MPC.


Why stop there though, there are other options of course. The LaptopPicker site has a Gaming Laptop section whic includes entries on things like these :-)

[images from the front news page of laptoppicker's gaming section]

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