Thursday, 3 July 2008

Diablo 3 and cinematics

[diablo 3 logo from the official site]

Yep Diablo 3 has been announced by Blizzard and it is interesting how dominated the Blizzard site is by it considering the rest of their stable (WoW, Starcraft). The Diablo III flash site is awesome looking of course. I played Diablo 1 a fair bit as it was kinda new at the time (felt a little like a graphical nethack) and had a good replayability about it. Diablo 2 I didnt touch and the gameplay here looks new and exciting though perhaps a little console-like.

The graphics, animation, effects and rhythm shown in the Gameplay trailer really show off how good at games development these guys are. You just want to get in there and control what we see on screen. There are special creatures of course, but some truly excellent action-movie-like moments where everyone's jaws drop. The interface is very clean and simple and has the Blizzard styling all over it. There are some great screenshots, but lets do video:

Here is the Cinematic preview trailer:

Go to the Diablo site for the extended gameplay trailer (or here on gametrailers) - but this little vid on gametrailers shows off the evolution from Diablo 1 through to today.

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