Monday, 21 July 2008

Game Stats

We were looking at game data today and it is interesting to see some of the numbers and trends in gaming over the years. We started by just seeing the amazing numbers that SPORE is generating when it isnt even released yet (see article). But when you look at data of sales for the big guns of gaming it shows just how big the industry already is - and there are huge sectors that are untapped.

The Wikipedia article (list of the best-selling video games) is a good resource for this, breaking down the sales by platform and a few other categories.
I like that something like The Sims franchise can sport sales figures over 100 million - and it doesnt even have guns, swords or depravity as an uninformed view of computer games might hold.

Another intersting site is VGChartz which tracks the unit sales of the various platform and handheld gaming systems. What I find most interesting is the dominance of the 'niche' - things like the DS and the WII are simply streaks ahead of the traditional consoles. For my money if I was to charge out and get a console type platform it would be one of these two as well...

[graph from VGchartz showing the sales rising for the WII and DS over say the XBox360 for reference]


Note that just as gaming is huge, The Dark Knight just set a new record for the biggest opening weekend in US history clocking up nothing short of $150 Million US - yowzers.

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