Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Gaming Laptops and the new HP Touch Screen

I am just doing a little exploring on the 15" gaming laptop front to see if it may warrant a second laptop in that arena for me to support the Macbook Pro. This might enable a range of experimentation around using 2 machines - this one geared towards the likes of Crysis development.

A quick rundown shows things like:
Apple MacbookPro > 512MB 8600M GT (mine is only the 128MB)
Dell XPS1530 > 512MB 8600M GT
Alienware Area51 M15x > 512MB 8700M GT & 8800M GT
Asus G1Sn > 512MB 9500M GS
HP Pavillion DV5-1007tx > 512MB 9600M GT

Laptop VGA Card chart thanks to Notebookcheck.


But perhaps a more interesting development is the HP all-in-one touch screen pc from HP. The HP Touchsmart PC sports a multi-touch enabled interface and applications designed for it in a stylish single enclosure.

[image of the new HP Touchsmart PC]

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