Friday, 18 July 2008


Had a week on the Gold Coast where I didnt shell out for an internet connection - so its been quiet around here on da blog. I did squeeze in watching Transformers (the CG still amazes), TMNT and Stardust again which are all fun films with a reliance on CGwork.

Themepark 4D
One of the themes of themeparks these days is the inclusion of '4D' shows where we get to wear the polarised classes and see things in 3D. They then add other things like mist, smoke, water spray, air jets, rocking chairs and more.

The qualty isnt at that of IMAX, but they are still great fun and very engaging for a wide audience. They like to play with the 3D-ness with things poking or flying out over the audience - it is fun seeing the kids squeel in delight.

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