Friday, 11 July 2008

iPhone arrives

Well the iPhone is now officially available here in OZ and as one would expect there were eager folk lining up outside stores to grab one. As I sit here waiting for day3 of X-World to start there are strangely enough an acer and asus laptop amongst the sea of apple kit - they seem out of place. It is interesting to see how hard to use on a lap the eepc actually is... Anyhow, the SMH coverage this morning covers some of the issues with the new iPhone. The plans just arent inspired, they are dangerous and dont encourage takeup. Armed with a good set of plans these phones could seriously be everywhere - these plans will either just confuse or actively scare people away...


One of the guys here in the lobby is sitting here with his brand new iPhone - very coooool. He is on the $49 Optus plan and is (like many of us) going to be relying on WiFi to get much of the usage at home and work...


In my workshop the guy next to me had his brand new iPhone all functioning away. He found a store without a huge queue almost by accident - so he popped in and grabbed one on Optus pre-paid.
After the conference I popped down to the Apple Store to check it out - alas I couldnt get in at all unless I was prepared to wait in the huuuuge line. Since the whole store is glass I could see pretty well though. Actually, what I could really see was just another queue inside the store :-)
I will have to go back and check it all out when things arent quite so crazy.

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