Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Office Laptops

We have been looking at laptop upgrades for the office, the budget seems to be able to bear it and they are on schedule for an upgrade. We have grabbed a heap of Dell XPS1330's over the last few months for staff, plus a few desktops for the last bastions of such things for staff. We did grab another XPS1730 where real grunt was needed, but most of us have no intention of carrying something this big around. :-)

The most popular option at present is looking like the 15" MacBookPro for us. This puts a machine in our hands to support the growing number of OSX users (staff and student) as well as our ongoing windows dominated software suite. Given the 8600M GT in the machine we have decent graphics grunt to do the main things which is equivalent to the XPS smaller form factor range. The XPS1730 can have a pair of SLI 8700s which is a significant step up.

Alas going to the droolish Alienware Area51 m15x which can sport upgrades that take the price into orbit isnt an option for us. The fact that the 15" form-factor can sport an 8800M GT is awesome - and the upgrades from there just keep coming.

So interestingly we may have a full support crew armed with Mac hardware soon enough. It would be just as cool to see us all walking around with Alienware University jumpers on - both companies make gorgeous hardware.

[MacBookPro, Dell XPS1730 and Alienware x15m images from their respective sites]

also of note are Dells new Studio laptops which look nifty.

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