Friday, 18 July 2008

Vincent Callebaut and the Lily-Pad City

From Vincent Callebaut Architectures comes a cool nature-derived floating concept city. The design is intended to show what a city of the near future could be, floating around on the newly risen oceans. Though the premise may be a little gloomy and this 'solution' unwarranted, it does bring to the fore a host of energy, planning and social ideas (ideals even).

[Images of the Lilipad design from the Vincent Callebaut Architectures site]

When I first saw the images I thought it might be a form of super-cruise-holiday where the island literally comes along for the ride. This may indeed be a more fitting reason to build such a thing, a truly inspired ocean voyage it could be. [see also Inhabitat and Future Architecture coverage]

VCA has a very digital outlook on design, and his site details some of the approach and theory behind the work which is explained in a resoundingly academic language, here are a few quotes:
Each architectural project at any scale, wants to anticipate through this digital hybridization, the future lifestyles by inventing new imaginary worlds.
In order to outline the first research of this “living” architecture, all the recent projects and those presented in this second monograph “ARCHIBIOTIC” use the “digitalization” not only like a theoric process of conception leading to a first essay of artificial intelligence in architecture, but also like a useful tool of construction to retranscribe the virtual architectures in the real and concrete world!
Here are a few more images of his project work:

[Project images from the Vincent Callebaut site]

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