Tuesday, 8 July 2008

WowWee Robots

WowWee make a range of robots, toys really, but which have a host of capabilities far beyond their toy status. We had the Aibo dogs from Sony (and rumours of a PS version that links with the PS3 coming) and a few others of course. Where WowWee come in is that they have a range of prices, styles and functionality.

[image matrix of the robotic models from WowWee]

Lets see some vids of these things in action in a variety of ways:
First up their brand spanking new Rovio, here being shown off at CES2008 for Engadget:

The Roboquad is very clever and can have fun with pet dogs or as in this clip be made to act as per voice commands via a skype session:

Here is the Femisapien also on show at the CES2008 - classy stuff for the price and size:

Lastly check out MrPersonality :-)

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