Thursday, 10 July 2008

X-World Day2

Today was basically two hands-on Workshops for me.
First up Nader Nafissi (Apple) walked us through the current Leopard Podcast Producer which we had a play with as well. He then showed off some of the upcoming features of Podcast Producer 2 coming in Snow Leopard like the workflow editor.

The second half of the day was Andrew Wellington (ANU) showing us in a hands-on demo a set of iPhone web dev. We were using DashCode 2 and the iPhone Simulator to expand upon the built-in web-app templates. He also showed us some of the HTML5 features in the new Safari including CSS animations and transformations.


Not heaps of info on CSS5 animation yet - but check webkit to get started.

This pic isnt actually the Apple Sim, but a web version at testiPhone showing this very blog:

[screengrab of a portion of the site showing this blog]

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