Sunday, 31 August 2008

Clone Wars

[Count Duku unleashing hte dark side of the force in Star Wars Clone Wars - from the official site]

Got to see Star Wars - Clone Wars with the kids last night. It is a very cartoony approach to the universe created by the films. Though the CG cartoon has some character to it, it doesnt engage to the same degree as the films. Much of what we see and learn is only a slight expansion on our existing knowledge of the characters and factions.

There are some nice moments of course and much like the previous cartoon series, it is always fun to see the Jedi going up against the droid armies and their superiors. The animation is oddly inconsistent, sometimes we get fluid graceful closeups of clone troopers, then we get simplistic puppet-like movement of characters moments later.

The visual look and rendering is quite elegant for the most part, though it fails to deliver the visual splendour we are used to from the live action series. Here they had a chance to go all out and push things beyond where the photo-realism was restricted, but instead the shots and complexity are pale shadows of what has come before.

Here are a few more shots from the film:

[Stills from Star Wars - Clone Wars from the official site]

Perhaps I have been too hard on this baby - it is still a great ride through the Star Wars universe and the animation has some real style to it in places. I think, one I have this on DVD I will grow to love it. Oh and the site has some images of the concept sketches and models as well - showing some of the production process that goes into making a feature CG film.

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