Tuesday, 19 August 2008

COFA Courses

Had fun at the Sound Construction class again as we learnt some more of the dark arts of Pro Tools while we continued our walk through the history of sound (electronic music related) which concluded this week with a look at the definitive Brian Eno and Dave Byne's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

I am back into sketching again for Concept Art, working on a game character inspired by Apples again. For a while I was working on Fruit vs Veges, though perhaps it should be fruit'n'veges vs junk food instead :-)


I was chatting to a few of the guys who I started the MDM with, but since they are ploughing through it Full-Time, they are upto their final projects. It was fun hearing their ideas as they work through their ideas and concentrate on the production of their pieces. I offered some advice where I could which had me kinda excited about the prospect of doing this in the far far future...


I like that my blog has more of my work in it at the moment - hopefully with sounds soon as well...

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