Saturday, 16 August 2008

I Am Legend

Got to see I am Legend for the first time on DVD today. The film is engaging and has some great suspenseful moments in a plot that leaves alot of thinking for the mind to do. The standout for me was the incredible effects work on the environments. The antagonists are ok, but the rundown New York is simply amazing, we are immersed in it completely.

FXGuide have a great article on the CG work in the film. They caught up with Jim Berney from Sony Pictures Imageworks who's team pulled off a great piece of visual effects work that I am sure many people watching wont even think twice about - which is all the more amazing.

[image from I am Legend showing some of the CG setup from the FXGuide article]

Here is the trailer (on youtube) showing snippets of the CG work:

But wait - there's more. There is an alternate ending (SPOILER ALERT) which gives us some more thinking to do as well.

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