Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Imagery to big screens

We have been working through options to get a suite of large format 1080p HD 46" screens to show off our students work here at FBE for a coming exhibition. To date we have used our laptops to deliver the content, this time we have 7 screens going for a few weeks and the video and still slideshows dont require the grunt or interaction in this case.

So we have been looking at a variety of alternatives we can connect to the screens starting with the iPod Nano. This along with its cousins like my new iPhone do the job with the Apple tv out connectors (we got the Composite one) but the resolution is only at PAL. This looks ok for most of the video but for our beautiful high-res images doesnt show things off nearly well enough.

So we are looking for HD then, preferably 1080p, but we could perhaps live with less. The advantage that the tiny solid state devices have is that they basically use no power, wont heat up the box they have to live in and can in the future be mounted to the back of the big LCDs themselves.

We have looked at a variety of things in various amounts of detail from PSP, xbox360, PS3, digicams, mac mini, eepc, Mvix boxes, Creative Zen X-Fi, Zune and more.

We have another day of testing and info coming in from suppliers today, hopefully we can settle on something today.

Sites like the GoodGearGuide help broaden the options as well.

[an example of the devices we are after, the Mvix MX-780HD - image from their site]

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