Wednesday, 6 August 2008

iPHONE time

Yep, I am now iPhone powered and I am starting to get the hang of its wonders and foibles. Connecting to things was straight forward (in a way) as following your nose through the settings was ok, though it didnt connect to exchange straight away (or wireless for that matter). Wireless just seemed to need me to try a handful of times and keep accepting the certificate, the exchange connector started working after I tried a bunch of things including turning SSL off - so it might have been that.

I had to pick and choose what from my iTunes would find its way to my phone as well - having 16GB makes you think twice. I will now have to hit the app store and put my new midget computer to more work.

Well now I am alive and happening on Optus Business with the mighty newness of the iPhone and loving it so far.

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