Monday, 25 August 2008

The Murder of Crows

I heard about the sound installation by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller via my Sound Construction course. Forming part of the Sydney 2008 Biennale this work was something new to me : The Murder of Crows - A Sound Installation.

I had a nice sense of anticipation as I headed for the old Pier 2/3, past our famous Opera House and beneath our iconic bridge, with the Science Show podcast in my ears, merging with the sounds of Sydney. Inside the rustic space, we see a series of old wooden chairs arranged in a rough circle in the gloom about an equally gruff fold-up table. Many of the chairs are occupied by speaker boxes, while others stand around as if watching from the back, some 100 speakers in all.
I took a seat near the centre, others would come and go throughout the 30 minutes of sound, music and voice sliding around us.
The auditory immersion was great, like being 'in' sound. Many times it was very hard to tell if sounds were part of the piece, made by other visitors or if a piece of Sydney's volume was intruding. With your eyes closed you could follow footsteps around the space and the virtual voice comng from where they stop. It was really hard not to look around when a singing voice would come from behind you.

Check the information on the piece on the Biennale2008 site, including an image of the space.

loved it!

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